Veteran and Medical Patient Discount

Welcome to the BBWSupply Vaping Veteran & Medical Patient Discount Page



We are a company that cares about everyone, but we understand not everyone is in the same shoes.

Our goal is to provide our vaporizers to Veterans and Medical Patients nationwide at an affordable cost. We have now included all healthcare professionals to qualify for the same discount. The work you are doing at this very moment is something we are all grateful for.

It is our understanding that this natural medicine needed by many is too expensive and so, we are doing out part to help.

Are you a veteran, medical patient or healthcare professional?

If yes, we have a discount available for you.

Please send us an email titled “Veteran Discount” or  “MMJ Discount” to with your name and a photo of your Military or MMJ Identification card. Someone will verify and get back to you within 24 hours.

Once we verify your veteran / mmj patient status you will be given a coupon code unique to you and you only. This code will never expire and will ensure you can get any of our products at a discounted rate!  We appreciate you and the shoes you’re in.

Questions or Comments?

Here is our contact information:

Toll Free Telephone – 1 281 888 8087


On a side note, you know we love you!

Please do not give out this coupon code to anyone else or use in a manner that is unintended. We reserve the right to refuse coupons used in an abusive manner. Thank you for understanding!